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Erin Hirschland, M.A.


Erin is an organization development expert with two decades' experience serving organizations of all sizes across industries on a broad range of issues. She works with leadership teams helping them to articulate their vision and values and organizational strategy, while providing executive coaching and tools in support of these. Erin makes these strategies operational through effective implementation and training at all levels of the organization. She possesses deep functional expertise in marketing, human resources and operations, having served both in and outside organizations in these roles throughout her career and understands the importance of tying results to specific financial goals.

Erin can be reached at:

Jane E. Yow, M.A.


Founder of The Performance Link, Jane is a training and organization development consultant, specializing in creative business training, with a focus on the people side of management. Jane began consulting after leaving ten years in the health care industry, realizing that every organization, regardless of the type of business, needs to focus on linking people and performance to the bottom line.

Jane is also a trainer for the Lyles Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, developing entrepreneurial leaders at California State University Fresno. Jane has expertise in the DiSC Personal Profile, assisting all clients in the understanding of their personal and work behavior style and how it impacts other.

Jane can be reached at:

Mel Yow, M.A.


Mel is a team development expert with over four decades' experience in the healthcare industry. His expertise includes development of new teams, working with existing teams to increase their operational and interpersonal effectiveness and helping teams develop and articulate their organization's mission, vision and values. Mel has extensive experience in facilitating work groups for problem identification and performance improvement, as well as experience in quality management, with a focus on the development of leadership within the organization. 

His expertise includes implementing a systems approach to problem solving, 

Mel can be reached at: